Why We're Different

When we started this company we were overwhelmed by the amount of hair extension brands promising to provide the exact same hair quality.  You spend $300, $400, even $500 on human hair extensions, so the benefits need to be worth it.  As with your own hair, hair extensions should last you a long time, since it’s human hair, right?  You work to maintain your own locks with great care, so we feel that when you apply the same amount of care to those pricey extensions, they should last you a long time as well.

We source our hair from the beautiful Indian temples in India and we have gone through a very thorough and lengthy vetting process of our suppliers concerning the quality of the extensions to ensure you benefit.

After trial and error with suppliers, and finding some interesting things about the so called "Brazilian Body Wave", we decided that keeping things simple was the best option for our customers. So instead of fancy names, we wanted to be known as 'that-go-to-brand' of hair for the every day woman. We found that often customers just want a trust worthy go-to-brand of hair that lasts a long time and doesn't brake the bank. Well not too much anyway :)

In addition to hair, we also expanded our operations to offer some of the finest natural hair care products on the market to keep those locks looking good. All of our products are 100% genuine and authentic, and come from trust worthy suppliers here in the U.S. Natural products are by far the best solutions for all types of hair. Please take some time to cruise our site and look around. 

Please also note that our premium grade extensions contain no silicone coatings, no animal hairs, no synthetic fibers, no other human hairs, no cotton thread, no tangling, and very minimal to no shedding.  They are thoroughly cleaned, double wefted, double drawn, of the highest grade and guaranteed to last you a full year or more with proper maintenance and care.


Virgin Hair

Our hair bundles are made of 100% virgin, Indian remy hair.  They are 100% authentic from the temples in India.  The single drawn hair bundles are cut from one young, healthy donor and are thoroughly cleaned before processing. They contain no silicone coatings- they have a natural luster that never goes away.  The hair does not contain a mixture of animal or Chinese hairs.  The hair is wefted with nylon thread to ensure your natural hair retains its moisture and you can expect no unpleasant odor that cotton thread gives over time.  The hair is not chemically altered or processed in any way.  They are gently steam processed to achieve texture and curl.  Our hair bundles are a high grade and we have ensured that our suppliers do not provide anything less than a superior product.  Learn more about virgin hair


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